UNSW AccSoc Presents: Semester 2 Revision Workshop

ACCOUNTING STUDENTS – Are you planning to cram to save your wam, or hoping to finish your degree with an impressive HD?

Whether you are struggling or excelling, AccSoc is bringing back its revision workshops to help everyone achieve their goals.

This semester, AccSoc is running intensive workshops for 4 different courses: ACCT1501, ACCT1511, ACCT2542 and ACCT3583. Tutors will be re-examining 3 of the most popular topics as previously voted by you. So whether you’re behind in weeks of lectures or up-to-date, don’t miss out on this extremely valuable opportunity – remember to register!

For ACCT1501
DATE: Thursday 25 Oct (Wk13)
WHEN: 12-1pm
WHERE: Mathews A
WHO: ACCT1501 Tutor Michael Yu
1. Topic 8: Accounts Receivable and further Record-Keeping
2. Topic 9: Introduction to Inventory and Non-Current Assets
3. Topic 10: Financial Statement Analysis – Basic

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/fnfxKoswjnd5sN6t1

For ACCT1511
DATE: Thursday 25 Oct (Wk13)
WHEN: 4-5pm
WHERE: Mathews B
WHO: ACCT1511 Tutor Esther Sutton
1. Week 7 – Cash Flow Statement & Analysis I (Cash flow components, direct method)
2. Week 8 – Cash Flow Statement & Analysis II (Indirect method, life cycle of firms, cash flow ratios, risk of bankruptcy)
3. Week 9 – Accounting Policy Choice I (Financial Statements background, analysis)

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/d7lb408Vy8opguJH2

For ACCT2542
DATE: Thursday 25 Oct (Wk13)
WHEN: 2-3pm
WHERE: Mathews B
WHO: ACCT2542 Tutor Carmel Emanuel
1. Week 6: Consolidation II: Intragroup Transactions
2. Week 7: Consolidation III: Non-Controlling Interest
3. Week 8: Consolidation IV: Indirect Non-Controlling Interest

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/BAAgxOqkduSw3Fxa2

For ACCT3583
DATE: Thursday 25 Oct (Wk13)
WHEN: 11-2pm
WHERE: Mathews B
WHO: ACCT3583 Tutor Yichelle Zhang
WHAT: 1hr Workshop + 2hr Consultation
1. Topic 5: Managing shareholder value creation
2. Topic 7: Managing supplier relationships & strategic outsourcing
3. Topic 10: Managing strategic risks

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/hLVpqoqOxyiM5q8C2

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