UNSW AccSoc Presents: Psychometric Brain Training [MRP Stage 2]

After submitting the online application, you’re now patiently awaiting to do the highly controversial psychometric/aptitude tests! You’re all alone, you’ve never done this firm’s test and you’ve never fared well with testing in general…

Don’t stress and practice with AccSoc’s MRP Stage 2 event, Psychometric Brain Training!

AccSoc’s MRP, or Mock Recruitment Process, is a 5 week series that replicates the 5 common recruiting stages used by Big 4 accounting firms, banks and many of the ‘Top100 list’ of employers! Each week, we will be exploring a different recruiting stage and featuring a unique event.

As mentioned earlier, the second recruiting stage we’re showcasing is Psychometric Brain Training. Psychometric assessments are used by employers to filter through a huge pool of candidates, and may come in various forms, such as Numeric Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Situational Judgement tests. Essentially, employers are looking for candidates with the appropriate skill set to match their roles.

For this stage, AccSoc has partnered up with Graduates First, a company that specialises in developing psychometric tests that are in line with the Big 4 and other graduate employers!

Our experienced Education directors, who were previously Big 4 vacationers/ banking interns, will be hosting a 2 hour workshop, where they’ll be sharing their insights and tips on mastering psychometric testing.

They’ll also be overseeing two Graduates First tests (Verbal & Logical Reasoning) that will be completed by attendees in assessment-like conditions. At the end of each test, there will be a short review session of the harder sample questions and a discussion on how to best approach the different psychometric modules available to recruiters.

Whilst still under negotiation, students that attend the entirety of the workshop may also gain EXCLUSIVE Graduates First access to practice tests, real-time feedback and relevant statistics regarding their results!

It’s better to be prepared than not…let’s ace these aptitude tests together!

Date: Wednesday 13 March
When: 2-4pm
Location: TBA
Other: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Register your interest now: https://goo.gl/forms/bjmDjW70tKpd0Hg12

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