UNSW AccSoc Presents: Accounting 1A Mock Exam

Come one, come all to our ACCT1501 mock exam.

We know that a lot of first year students who haven’t experienced a university exam, are doing Accounting 1A this semester, so to prepare you guys for this we’ve organised a mock exam which will be sat in exam conditions.

Let’s first do a quick question together:
Q: Why should I attend this mock?
(a) give you a heads up on how the exam will be like
(b) see how prepared you are
(c) see how unprepared you are
(d) all of the above.

Whatever your answer, it’s a good enough reason to come along and really optimise on this opportunity!

You may also be wondering, why should I come if I don’t even know my debits from credits and what is A=L+OE??! Well, hop on over to our revision workshop for ACCT1501 held a day earlier (29th May) and you’ll come prepared to our exam! Hope to see you all there!

WHO: ACCT1501 students
WHEN: Wednesday 30 May (Wk13) 3:45pm-6:15pm
WHERE: Colombo LG01 & Colombo LG02
WHAT: School of Accounting provided Practice Exam Paper for Sem1 2018

Note: For all attendees, please make sure you are here on time, as the exam will start at 4pm sharp.

Register now: https://goo.gl/forms/JjWsXvGTPLN8ndb82