UNSW Accounting Society: 2017 Team


UNSW Accounting Society is proud to present the Executive and Directorial team for 2017

Everyone here works towards a common objective: to bridge the gap between UNSW accounting students and the professional world


Tahsin Haque

Tahsin Haque

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting and Finance

Interesting Fact: For a couple of years during high school, I used to climb a 30-40m cliff on the way back home.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: Having a solid opportunity to give back to the student community and really develop them to be their best. A lot of students suffer from having no support system in terms of their technical and soft skill development and a chance to see the real side of Accounting – how practical and hands-on of a profession it really is. For 2017, I’m excited to share that side of Accounting whilst also helping all students in need of skill development

Vice Presidents

Christopher Nguyen

Christopher Nguyen (Internal)

Degree: Economics degree majoring in Accounting and Financial Economics

Interesting Fact: I have gotten my hearing tested for months when I was 7 because I never listened to my mother and she thought I had hearing issues.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: Definitely the opportunity to give back and provide each student the means to expand their career no matter what path they choose. With the entirety of our society dedicated to helping and assisting UNSW’s student base, as well as providing a support network for societal members, I plan on pushing our society to its full potential so that all students have a means to reach theirs.

Joyce Kwan

Joyce Kwan (External)

Degree: Commerce/Information Systems

Interesting Fact: I’m a little bit of a star wars geek.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: What excites me about being a part of AccSoc is the opportunity to help people grow both professionally and personally. Being able to see students step outside the comfort zone and strive to be the best they can is a very satisfying feeling.

Arc Delegate

Syed Abrar Zaman

Syed Abrar Zaman

Degree: Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Information Systems

Interesting Fact: The only international student in the executive team.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: The opportunity to help students grow, both academically and professionally, through our planned initiatives. With such a proactive batch of executives and directors, I believe we would be able to achieve our goals for the year and build a solid foundation for the society for the years to come.


Gambhir Viswanadham

Gambhir Viswanadham

Degree: Commerce/Law degree, majoring in Accounting.

Interesting Fact: I have been involved in organising a concert at the Sydney Opera House, which was so successful that we were able to be awarded with a Guinness World Record!

What Excites Me About AccSoc: AccSoc is currently undergoing a radical shift to enhance its position as the leading student group on campus. As the Secretary, I currently have the privilege to work alongside a talented team of Executives and Directors in implementing new initiatives to offer a compelling value proposition for our members in 2017. I am therefore excited to be part of this change, where the future of AccSoc is predicated on our ability to improve upon ourselves and adapt to the changing needs of Accounting Students.


Rakulan Arulmurugan

Rakulan Arulmurugan

Degree: Commerce/Economics

Interesting Fact: When I receive calls as part of work, I shorten my name to ‘Rahul’, so I get triggered when people mispronounce it as ‘Ronald’.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: I’m excited to be surrounded by keen and motivated executive members and directors who I know will do their best to help fellow UNSW accounting students along the way towards their desired career goals.

Educational Events Directors

Cindy Le-Pham

Cindy Le-Pham

Degree: Bachelors Economics, majoring in financial economics and finance.

Interesting Fact: When i was little, i didn’t like to eat anything but rice and soy sauce, so that probably explains my size.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: I am excited to be part of a team with ambitious, encouraging and fun people! I hope to be able to work alongside everyone to be able to create events which can benefit all students of the university.

Jonathan Khonasti

Jonathan Khonasti

Degree: 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Accounting & Finance.

Interesting Fact: When I was three, I fell down 10 flights of stairs at the airport as I was too mystified at my sister going down on an escalator – it’s gifted me a scar next to my left eye ever since!

What Excites Me About AccSoc: I’m super excited to be a part of a society which will help act as a bridge for life after uni, and to work with such an enthusiastic group who are dedicated to delivering the best they can for the students and AccSoc. I’m really looking forward to see how I can help make a difference with AccSoc for the upcoming year – hope to see you around!

HR Directors

Michelle Ravi

Michelle Ravi

Degree: Commerce/Economics majoring in Accounting, Finance and Economics

Interesting Fact: I can’t swim or ride a bike.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: AccSoc is a society that provides numerous opportunities to students. This is why I am excited to be a part of AccSoc. I want to see as many Accounting students benefit from the academic and professional opportunities put forward to them and hopefully see these students grow and develop as individuals.

Michelle Ravi

Jacky Jian

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce and Economics (Accounting, Economics)

Interesting Fact: My close friends call me Phil and no one remembers why.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: What excites me about being a part of AccSoc is the people are some of the most proactive and passionate people you will ever meet. The vibe of the society has genuinely inspired me to realise my potential and aim higher. I am excited for the direction of the society and hope to inspire many others.

Professional Events Director

Yash Wadhwani

Yash Wadhwani

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Taxation and Accounting.

Interesting Fact: I have spent more time in Guangzhou/Guangdong (13 years to be exact) than any of the 2017 executives and directors of AccSoc!

What Excites Me About AccSoc: I am most excited to be working with great people that make AccSoc the type of society it – a friendly environment in which one can develop both personally and professionally. As a member of AccSoc, I will be networking with industry professionals and developing valuable relationships moving forward through my university life. Holistically, I look forward to providing events beneficial for students in any year of their study whilst growing with AccSoc!

Sponsorship Directors

Michael Wang

Michael Wang

Degree: Commerce degree majoring in Accounting & Finance.

Interesting Fact: One of the reasons why we migrated was because I was always intoxicated by the pollution in China.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: I believe the most appealing aspect of AccSoc is the capacity to provide an experience for students that is enriching, educational and also entertaining. The ability to help students find their feet and develop professionally is extremely humbling and an opportunity that I will work very hard towards. I can’t wait for us as a society to deliver the most value-adding events for the student body we represent.

Max Robertson

Max Robertson

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce and Economics (Finance, Accounting, Economics)

Interesting Fact: I do not in fact have a middle name (how boring am I)

What Excites Me About AccSoc: AccSoc is a society which gives great opportunities to learn and progress professionally and academically. This together with the fact that AccSoc is still growing motivates and excites me to be part of this society in 2017. Helping students develop their skills, both internal and external to university, as well as the opportunity to be part of the AccSoc community greatly excites me

Marketing Directors

Ho Jun Tang

Ho Jun Tang

Degree: combined degree of Commerce/Economics, Majoring in Finance, Marketing and Econometrics.

Interesting Fact: I have played AFL for 7 years, at club, school and representative level.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: The ability to improve the employability of UNSW students through providing and promoting value adding events, in which students gain valuable skills e.g. excel workshops, and bridge the gap with amazing employers.

Jennifer Liu

Jennifer Liu

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Accounting and Finance (2nd year)

Interesting Fact: I own 5 chickens and 1 dog.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: Being able to work alongside a diverse team who each bring their own talents to Accsoc. 2017 is going to be a big year for Accsoc in changing the way students of all backgrounds approach accounting and to elevate their learning experience during university.

IT Directors

Michael Chau

Michael Chau

Degree: Commerce and information systems majoring in accounting finance and information systems

Interesting Fact: I once had a consultation with Tahsin during a house party

What Excites Me About AccSoc: AccSoc is a society that is treats its members with an optimal mix of professionalism and personalism. Professionally, AccSoc aims to develop the communication, technical and soft skills that places Accounting graduates ahead of the rest. Personally, AccSoc offers relaxed and relatable social and networking events that allows me to enjoy the brighter side of university.

James Zhang

James Zhang

Degree: Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Commerce (Finance, Information Systems)

Interesting Fact: My close friends call me John and no one remembers why.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: AccSoc is a family, and from being a part of it, I feel as if I am part of something tight-knit and unconditionally inclusive. From the social events, to professional skills development workshop, AccSoc definitely helps students build relationships that are both meaningful and everlasting.

Design Directors

Kelvin Wong

Kelvin Wong

Degree: Commerce (International) – Accounting/Finance

Interesting Fact: I’m an Australian from a Cantonese family who grew up studying in an American school in China.

What Excites Me About AccSoc: The opportunity to get involved with the community and work alongside a motivated and enthusiastic team that’s trying to make a meaningful for our fellow students.

Michelle Huang

Michelle Huang

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Accounting (and SPI and jewellery…..)

Interesting Fact: I play 6 different musical instruments!

What Excites Me About AccSoc: UNSW’s Accounting Society is an amazing family to be part of. The entire team is incredibly motivated and enthusiastic. I look forward to working with these passionate people, and help students of all backgrounds gain invaluable skills and achieve their best.