Advice from our Accsoc Fam:

Pre-Orientation Week:

  • Familiarise yourself with the student portal and make sure to set up all your passwords and email for your zID.
  • Enroll in all your classes as early as possible to get the best times that suit your own schedule. (Very Important!)
  • Don’t underestimate 9am lectures!
  • Start to look into your course progression and what subjects you should be studying to graduate on time! If you’re a commerce student, check out our student guide Accounting 101
  • Want to skip the massive queue for ID cards on the first day? Download the Uni-verse App use register using your ZID to save yourself from lining up at 7am (that’s what I did) or waiting in line for over an hour 🙁

Orientation Week:

  • Pick up your free uni shirt from the UNSW Bookstore! Free Merch.
  • Go on a guided tour around the uni with yellow shirts and join any societies that interest you 🙂
  • Sign up for an orientation camp, every faculty runs one at the start of the year and it is a great way to start meeting people from the same faculty and degree with similar interests.
  • Meet new people and have fun!
  • Visit the Accounting Society store for free merch (Wow!) and learn more about what we do!

1st week of Uni:

  • Make sure you start building a routine that you will most likely stick to for the rest of your time in uni, whether that be attending all your lectures or watching them all online.
  • Try to attend your lectures in person! Personally, it helped me retain the content each week much better, which helped me achieve higher scores in the mid-sems and finals.
  • Explore all the good food options around uni, there are many!

Have fun and enjoy uni, everyone’s experience will be different but it’s up to you to make the most of it  <3