Recap: Excel Workshop

Are you confident with Excel?

Employers today expect proficiency in Excel from their graduates and interns as a basic requirement. It’s amazing how much business is actually done relying on Excel, and it’s worrying knowing that major decisions could be underpinned by poor quality spreadsheets.

UNSW AccSoc has teamed up with an Executive Manager in the Financial Services industry to teach an intimate Excel workshop to get you job-ready FAST!

1. Basic refresher of using Excel
2. Logic Functions & Formatting Efficiency
3. Additional Functions & 3D Formulae

It was great seeing everyone at AccSoc’s Excel Workshop! We were pleased to see that the event was at full capacity and hope you expanded your excel knowledge. Knowing how to use excel software skills are an essential for your career as a business professional. A special thank you to our presenter and co-host Keerthi Prasad for spending time with AccSoc and teaching us these valuable soft skills.

Excel Workshop