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UNSW Accounting Society Presents: Subcommittee Recruitment 2024

🎶You asked me what I wanted to be and I think the answer is plain to see, I wanna beeeee in ACCSOC’S SUBCOMMITTEEEEEE🎶
Are you a first-year, fresh out of high school🏫 looking to make some close friends to kickstart a fantastic university experience? 🫂Maybe you’re a seasoned uni student looking to jump into society life.🦘🦘
🫶Signing up to AccSoc keeps you up to date on the events that we run throughout the year, like a subscription! Signing up to become a subcommittee member means being a part of a tight knit group 🫂🫂 to help facilitate our events and develop new skills📚 
As a subcommittee member you’ll be guided by your portfolio directors and executives! Aside from gaining new skills, you also get to meet 🙇‍♀️LIFELONG FRIENDS🙇‍♀️ through Subcom outings, road trips, and more!
👩🏻‍🎓AccSoc isn’t just restricted to accounting students! We welcome applications from students of all years, degrees, and majors 👩‍💻
We’re looking for enthusiastic and motivated students who can get along with each other and are eager to evolve the society further ➡️🥳
We’re recruiting subcommittee members for the following portfolios:
💓Human Resources x 6
💓Careers x 6
💓Education x 6
💓Marketing x 6
💓IT x 6
💓Multimedia x 6
To learn more about what these portfolios do, check out the following link: https://drive.google.com/…/12sxvy1Nir83X6KMqU8s…/view…
Applications close 20th Feb at 11:59pm and are marked on a rolling basis. Get it in quick!!
Date: 6th – 20th February 2024