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UNSW AccSoc Presents: Psychometric Kahoot

Want to get a taster of what it’s like to apply for an internship? Interested in potentially winning ONE of THREE visa gift card vouchers? 

AccSoc’s got you covered with our fun Psychometric Kahoot competition! Our Kahoot will expose you to many questions used in job interviews including: 
– Psychometric testing questions such as patterns, diagrammatic, sequence and numerical challenges 
– General knowledge questions including current affairs and trends 

This event will start with a quick overview of what a psychometric test is, when and why it’s used, and how to best tackle them to secure that next internship! Next, you will be able to apply this knowledge in a Kahoot to test your skills and discover your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Students who come in the TOP 3 PLACES in the Kahoot will receive a prize! 

1st Place: $30 visa gift card voucher 
2nd Place: $20 visa gift card voucher 

3rd Place: $10 visa gift card voucher

Date: Wednesday, 16th June
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Zoom Link: Will be released closer to the date