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UNSW AccSoc Presents: 2023 Director Recruitment

AccSoc Directorship applications are now open!
At AccSoc, we aspire to bridge the gap between students and the professional world. AccSoc is looking for enthusiastic, hardworking, and dedicated individuals who are committed to growing AccSoc and positively impacting the students of UNSW. This is an opportunity for you to develop yourself both personally and professionally and provide a chance to heighten your university experience! You’ll have the chance to develop your leadership, management, and teamwork skills by leading your very own subcommittee whilst also planning and creating the strategic direction of AccSoc.
If this sounds like you, APPLY NOW to join AccSoc’s close-knit family as director for 2023!
************ ROLES ************
This year we are opening applications for the following positions:
🔹3x Sponsorship Directors
🔹3x Education Directors
🔹2x Human Resources Directors
🔹2x Marketing Directors
🔹2x Multimedia Directors
🔹2x Information Technology Directors
For more information about directorship with AccSoc in 2023, visit: https://drive.google.com/…/18mE0GHpbuRTI7mPWkFe…/view…
Date:  Sunday October 9th – Saturday October 15th
Time: 11:55pm
Location: Online