Bachelor of Commerce 2021

Connect. Inform. Develop.

Who does this affect?

Current students who have completed 48 UOC or less in their commerce degree have the option to transfer to the new course.

Current students who have completed more than 48 UOC or have chosen to remain in the old commerce program have the option to undertake some of the courses under the new structure as free electives or flexicores.

Incoming 2021 students will have to follow the new curriculum.

Note: Some courses in the old commerce program will not be available after 2021 or offered in fewer terms during 2021.

What does it involve?

The Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year degree program consisting of 24 courses – 144 UOC. The program consists of:

  • 8 interdisciplinary courses 
  • Greater emphasis on developing professional skills
  • Portfolio of learning journey which displays academic, technical and practical skills
  • Practical experience through working in a business environment
  • Allows students to apply all aspects of their degree to practical problems

Find out what courses to take in our updated Accounting 101 guides!

What does it involve?

The new structure has been implemented to reflect educational trends, equipping students to adapt to the evolving business environment.

The inclusion of Work Integrated Learning in the degree better prepares students for these changes, allowing them to develop professional skills through practical experience.

Furthermore, the wide variety of interdisciplinary (IFY) courses with a greater focus on professional skills development reflect how business solve problems through different teams and discipline areas.

The MyBCom Series exposes students to co-curricularopportunities, allowing them to develop various skills to prepare them for their careers